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Our courses

Our Courses

Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL exam) course combines both practical flight training and the theoretical knowledge required to fly aeroplanes. Know More

The airline transport pilot license (ATPL), is the highest level of aircraft pilot certificate. Those certified as airline transport pilots (unconditional) are authorized to act as pilot in command on scheduled air carriers’ aircraft. Know More

RTR (A) license is required by Air Crew and Engineers to use the wireless communication with Air Traffic Control team or ground station. Know More

CEFAT’s CADET Training programme is tailor made to guide aspiring cadet pilots to ace airline cadet screening exams. Know more

CEFAT’s A320 Technical Training course content is tailored for candidates who wish to prepare themselves for A320 endorsement training or for an Airline entrance exam. Know more

Let your dreams take a flight!

CEFAT is an institution of excellence in imparting all encompassing aviation knowledge with
intelligence. Established in 2006, it provides personalised coaching and pursues excellence in
imparting comprehensive aviation knowledge, skill and personality development.

Email: tps.gill@cefat.in

Phone: 7406632888