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A320 Technical Training


CEFAT’s A320 Technical Training course content is tailored for candidates who wish to prepare themselves for A320 endorsement training or for an Airline entrance exam.

In addition to having flown thousands of hours on the A320 over his flying career, Capt. Gill is a current A320 instructor, having imparted his vast knowledge of the aircraft’s systems and procedures to hundreds of pilots.


a320 training in bangalore

The course comprise the following subjects:

  • Airbus philosophy

  • Airbus Fly-by-wire flight controls

  • All Airbus systems with CBT In depth

  • FCOM Normal & Abnormal Procedures

  • FCTM coverage

  • QRH coverage

  • Airbus protections & limitations

  • Airbus Performance explanation and calculations


If you’re interested in this course, please drop us a message and we’ll come back to you soon.

CEFAT is an institution of excellence in imparting all encompassing aviation knowledge with
intelligence. Established in 2006, it provides personalised coaching and pursues excellence in
imparting comprehensive aviation knowledge, skill and personality development.

Email: tps.gill@cefat.in

Phone: 7406632888