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Who Are We?

CEFAT is an institution of excellence in imparting all encompassing aviation knowledge with intelligence based out of India. Established in 2006, it provides personalised coaching and pursues excellence in imparting comprehensive aviation knowledge, skill and personality development. Since its inception, CEFAT has delivered several success stories, some of which are captured on the Testimonial page.

Hello and welcome CEFAT. Our academy is absolutely committed to providing the highest quality flight training in a supportive environment. Join us!

Captain TPS Gill

Captain TPS Gill


CEFAT is headed by Captain TPS Gill. He is a flying Instructor on the Airbus A-320, with 45 years of accident-free flying, including 27 years of instructional flying. With 31 years in the IAF as a Fighter Pilot and 14 years in commercial flying, he has flown over 13,500 hours, including International operations. He has over 10,000 hours of commercial flying experience.


Capt. Gill is also a DGCA approved CRM instructor, trained in the United Kingdom. He is also trained in Aircraft Investigation Techniques by The European Aerospace Industry.

  • In 1989 he had the singular distinction of being adjudged the Best Flying Professional of the Indian Air Force (TOPGUN).

  • His diverse managerial, administrative, and professional experience in the I.A.F included Command of two Operational Flying units and Advanced Flying Simulator Training Unit.

  • With an A-2   instructional rating he was an Air Force Examiner in the Aircrew Examining Board and an instructor in the Flying Instructors’ School, he imparted instructions and tested pilots at all levels. 

  • Academically, he has mastered from The Royal Air Force College in the United Kingdom and was deputed to Zambia as an Air Advisor.

  • He is also the recipient of a Presidential award (VM) for professional excellence


    [1] With A2 instructional category, one can be deputed as instructor in flying instructor school & also nominated as Airforce Examiner

cadet training in bangalore

Students about Captain TPS Gill

Successfully cleared initial CPL and did not know what to do next? Absolutely clueless!

That’s when I met Capt. TPS Gill.

I attended Capt. Gill’s ground training classes for Airline Preparation. Need I say more? I am now a part of a major airline! Not just that, with his classes I have also been able to clear ATPL and RTR as well.
Be it written test, CASS, psychometric test, Group discussion or personal interview he has been the best teacher to receive ‘crisp – to the point’ guidance from. I have been inspired and motivated from the time I met him. My life has changed ever since. 🙂

A professional, mentor and guide!

Capt. Akshita Jain


I have been extremely lucky to have completed my initial flight training and also my ATPL training with Captain Gill.

The focus at all times was to improve core knowledge and understanding of the concerned subject equipped with a fine tuned and smart approach to answering DGCA ATPL exams. With the number of practice papers and adequate homework one would receive, the actual DGCA exam will feel like a cake walk. Classes with Captain Gill have been a win-win scenario for me, as I left achieving more than I planned to.

The fact that I got through Emirates’ intense pilot selection process and training has a lot to do with Captain Gill’s guidance and his vast experience of being on all sides of the interview panel and trainer’s table throughout his glorious career.

Thank you Captain TPS Gill

Capt. Richelle D’Souza


The gratitude I have for Capt. TPS Gill cannot be expressed in words.

After I did my initial CPL training, I was unsuccessful at getting a job as a pilot. I chose to fall back on my degree & I worked for 9 years as an Engineer in the I.T industry. All those years I was weighed down by that thought in the back of my head of not being able to fulfil my real ambition of becoming a pilot. I had become fairly well settled in my job and as the years rolled by, I doubted whether I had what was required to get back into aviation after such a long gap. It was at this crossroad in my life when, by a complete twist of fate, an airline pilot whom I met at a doctor’s appointment (Capt. Vikram Sinjhi Rana) introduced  me to meet Capt. TPS Gill.

​After I met him and discussed my situation, I had no second thoughts about enrolling for his classes. Capt. Gill is a true professional, I have never met an instructor who took the future of their students so seriously.

​The classes focused on all the nuances of every subject & each stage of the airline selection process. I could go on forever about the quality of his technical training but the most important thing Capt. Gill taught me was to never doubt myself and to work as hard as I could to achieve my goal. He gave me back the self-confidence I had lost over the years.

​With his guidance I was able to get a job as a pilot with 2 airlines (not in my wildest of dreams had I seen it coming!). I am always thankful to him for being such a great mentor & for helping me realize my dream!

Ujjwal Vijayakrishnan


CEFAT is an institution of excellence in imparting all encompassing aviation knowledge with
intelligence. Established in 2006, it provides personalised coaching and pursues excellence in
imparting comprehensive aviation knowledge, skill and personality development.

Email: tps.gill@cefat.in

Phone: 7406632888