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Cadet Training

Started on January 1, 2020

Cadet Training Program is basically a cooperation between an airline and a flight school. CEFAT will be training the cadet pilots, undergo a rigid audit process from the airline where the cadets will start working after the training in the aviation academy. 


CEFAT’s CADET Training programme is tailor made to guide aspiring cadet pilots to ace airline cadet screening exams. Each student will be given multiple practice tests to get prepared for the various screening tests.

This comprehensive programme will cover the below listed subject areas and ensure that each candidate’s level of proficiency is well above what is required for the airlines screening exams.


CEFAT Cadet Training Programme will comprise the following sections:

  • Maths Tests

  • Verbal Reasoning Tests

  • Physics Tests

  • Hand-eye coordination tests

  • Spatial awareness skill tests

  • Short term memory tests

  • Reaction speed tests 

  • Information processing capability tests

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