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Starting March 13, 2024

CPL Classes begin from Starting March 13, 2024. (Book your slot today- Call 7406632888)

The CPL training course conducted by CEFAT is a comprehensive 60 day programme.

CEFAT will provide all the necessary notes and practice questions. CEFAT also guarantees that the syllabus will be completed at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled exam date to give time for tests, revision & self-study. At least one final test will be held based on the DGCA Syllabus. More may be scheduled, if necessary.

CEFAT will comprehensively cover the required subjects as per the DGCA syllabus. Subjects covered will include:

  • Navigation

  • Radio Aids

  • Instruments

  • Meteorology

  • Air Regulations

cpl ground classes in bangalore

Success Stories Of Our Students

Excellent results achieved by CEFAT students with online classes in the recently conducted DGCA exams. Many cleared all the papers in the first attempt. Kudos to all. Some appeared for only two papers and cleared both. 

Here are the achivers:

  1. Manmehak
  2. Vinita
  3. Vandana
  4. Saai
  5. Bibek

Students have also gone ahead and shared their wonderful messages with us.

Capt.Gill is the most special teacher who empathises,understands,supports and mentors his students. Thank you for challenging me and awakening my true potential and thank you for encouraging me to seek knowledge and allowing me to learn.At CEFAT, not only do we learn the subject matter but also important life's lessons through some real life stories of Capt.Gill which stir our conscience and help us build our future. Your impact is truly immeasurable and you will be remembered for the rest of my life.I am deeply thankful and blessed to have you as my teacher. I strongly recommend all aspiring pilots to join CEFAT as no other institute in India will help you become a fine, disciplined and a knowledgable aviator.

Good afternoon Sir,

I’m so grateful to you.
So many of us got the message giving us the provisional results.

Cleared all the three.

Air Nav – 83
Met – 80
Air Regs- 86


(Our Student, Bibek had shared his scores of CPL exam with Captain TPS Gill)

Our student Manmehak, has successfully cleared the CPL exams and shared the screenshot of the message.

If you’re interested in this course, please drop us a message and our representative will contact you soon

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CEFAT is an institution of excellence in imparting all encompassing aviation knowledge with
intelligence. Established in 2006, it provides personalised coaching and pursues excellence in
imparting comprehensive aviation knowledge, skill and personality development.

Email: tps.gill@cefat.in

Phone: 7406632888