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Reviews & Testimonials


CEFAT takes extreme pride in Captain Gill’s vast pedagogy, course content, in-air and instructional experience. The students who have entrusted CEFAT for the inception of their aviation career has a lot to say about our methods and training. The quality of the testimonials are second to none in this industry and it is all here to witness their experience with us.


Sir, I still remember my first flight with you as a first officer in 2011 and attending classes thereafter for the ATPL exams. All of us cleared the exams in one go. Your dedication to your students is really something all us should learn. I still remember the day you conducted a 4 hour session after a long flight and not cancelling a single class in spite of your hectic schedule. You are by far the most dynamic teacher I have come across and your approach to teaching is unique. Having gone about the struggle of getting an aviation job, I believe that many young talented professionals are unsuccessful as they do not receive the right guidance. You have always been encouraging and a strong guiding force to me throughout my career as a pilot and I am really thankful. Sir, I wish you the best in your new venture and looking at your success rate, I am sure the students would be lucky to have a teacher like you.
Capt. Vishnu Nair
I attended Capt TPS Gill's Ground Training classes soon after my CPL for the all important ATPL exam which I passed in the first attempt. Soon after this I attended another session with him for Induction into the major airlines. It gave me the best grounding in terms of what to expect with the big airlines in terms of technical knowledge group discussions and interviews. As luck would have it he has also done some of my line training on the A320 and on the A320 simulator. Once training with him is done it will be hard not to pass any exam.
Capt. Vikram Sinhji Rana
After CPL, I started working with Indigo as a ground staff, that's when the airlines started coming up with job opportunities for CPL holders. A miracle happened, I met Capt TPS Gill, I am fortunate to be under his guidance because of which I was able to clear the complete induction process of Indigo and Spice Jet. His guidance did not stop there he also cleared all my doubts during the type rating course. He tells what to study and HOW TO STUDY. He motivated me and supported me, constantly kept guiding me in every aspect. Gives attention inspite of his busy schedule. Capt TPS Gill says confidence comes from knowledge. If you don't have that, it is the fear of the unknown which shatters the confidence! I am confident because of you sir. Mentor for life Proud to be under the guidance of an ACE pilot.
Capt. Aiswariya Velumani‎
Successfully cleared initial CPL and did not know what to do next? Absolutely clueless! That’s when I met Capt. TPS Gill. I attended Capt. Gill’s ground training classes for Airline Preparation. Need I say more? I am now a part of a major airline! Not just that, with his classes I have also been able to clear ATPL and RTR as well. Be it written test, CASS, psychometric test, Group discussion or personal interview he has been the best teacher to receive ‘crisp – to the point’ guidance from. I have been inspired and motivated from the time I met him. My life has changed ever since. 🙂 A professional, mentor and guide!
Capt. Akshita Jain
It is my immense pleasure to share my experience of CPL coaching with Sir. I was working during my preparation. Due to his guidance and precise information, material provided I was available to focus on the right information and put my efforts at the right place in available time. The teaching and the material, which was so much filtered from so many references, enabled me to cover such vast syllabus. The coaching provided by him is not only screened but also of high standards. In less than 20 sessions I was confident that with my efforts I will be able to crack CPL. In the end it's also very important to know that cracking paper is one part of it but being guided and mentored with such an experienced person takes you miles ahead. I got 82 in NAV, 76 in MET, 82 in Air Reg. Thank you so much sir.
Capt. Dhruv Dhawan
I have been extremely lucky to have completed my initial flight training and also my ATPL training with Captain Gill. The focus at all times was to improve core knowledge and understanding of the concerned subject equipped with a fine tuned and smart approach to answering DGCA ATPL exams. With the number of practice papers and adequate homework one would receive, the actual DGCA exam will feel like a cake walk. Classes with Captain Gill have been a win-win scenario for me, as I left achieving more than I planned to. ​ The fact that I got through Emirates' intense pilot selection process and training has a lot to do with Captain Gill's guidance and his vast experience of being on all sides of the interview panel and trainer's table throughout his glorious career. Thank you Captain TPS Gill
Capt. Richelle D'Souza
I first met Capt.TPS Gill in 2011 when I was working with Indigo on ground in the flight dispatch. A little later opportunities started coming up for CPL holders. Capt. TPS Gill guided me as to how to go about studying and what to study for the pilot exam , Cass and final interview. He kept guiding and motivating me while there were long waiting times during my selection process and helped me to never give up even during the hardest times. Therefore here I am today proudly flying as a first officer with such an amazing airline. ​
Capt. Sarah Fernandes
“HARDER I work LUCKIER I get! He is the one to engrave this in me!!… Capt. Gill's contribution to my life is beyond words!! All I had to do is to trust and believe him unconditionally. Like quite a few of us I got my license back in 2009, with not many job opportunities I had to wait for years. As the years passed one gets rustier and lose hope for things to happen. But the very first time I met him I was sure that I’ll reach my desired goal with him. I am now flying for a private charter company since June 2018. He is an ocean of knowledge and willing to help at anytime. I remember disturbing him at odd hrs to clarify doubts and he always reverted ASAP with the answer. He is very motivating. He not just teaches what to study but also guides how to, which really makes the big difference. He helped me balance books, home, kid, work all together. I can never thank you enough Sir!!
Capt. Ragi Dubey
I first met Capt. TPS Gill in 2010 for my CPL conversion classes. He managed to guide me in just 10-15 days to clear the exams. I further did my ATPL classes with him and managed to clear all the subjects in my first attempt. Capt. TPS Gill is without a doubt, the best person to go to, for guidance in aviation. ​ Today, I fly as Captain on the A320 and I know, none of this would've been possible without him. ​ Thank you, Sir.
Capt. Arun Jambunathan
I met Capt TPS Gill through my sister Sarah who was under his guidance throughout for the airline preparation. I too had the honour of being trained under him for the Airline Crew Assessment Selection and Interview. In a very short span of time I was able to gain much knowledge and passed through the stages of the airline selections and now I am a successful First Officer flying with a reputed Airline. To add, I was lucky enough to have flown my release check with him. Thank you for your guidance and motivation Sir !
Capt. Libon Albert Fernandes
This great man is the reason why I am in Indigo today. 4 years ago, it was a lucky coincidence to have flown as a passenger on his flight and when I went to see the cockpit of the Airbus 320, I met him and he advised me to apply for Indigo! Since then, he has guided me at each an every step! I wasn't able to undergo his coaching and training regularly as I lived in a different city, but that did not deter him from coaching me the new way...over the phone! He spent hours on call guiding me , motivating me and clarifying every little question I had. His knowledge on every subject is simply remarkable. He is an amazing teacher but an even better person.He has an extraordinary passion to enlighten the minds of those willing to learn and goes out of the way to help them achieve their goals! Sir, Its an honour to have been guided by you! I am as proud to have a teacher like you as you are of me!!
Capt.Ruhi Choudhary
Dear Sir, It is a great honour to write about my study time and training with you as my Teacher. Technically, you may be called an Instructor. You gave me the best of your knowledge & nurtured me as a Teacher. I would like to share, that, I was privileged to have received guidance from you to develop not only as a professional but also very well in all aspects of a human being Wish you success in your endeavours.
Capt. Madhu Krishna
Captain Gill, I am Blessed to have a trainer like you and let me tell you why. Back in 2010, I flew with you as a first officer and I had heard from my friends and colleagues that if I needed to pass my ATPL, I should be taking your guidance. I wanted to clear my papers and I didn't want the process lingering for too long, I am very fortunate to have been your student. The DGCA pilot exam was too close to attempt however your advice, systematic approach and your vast experience as a trainer equipped me with the right information to attempt and successfully pass the exams in the first go. My continuous exposure to you only made me realise how vast is this field. In my experience of flying for 12 years graduating from a first officer to a Commander on the Airbus 320 to a Check Pilot, clocking 7000+ hours, I admit I have not come across any other gentleman as fine as you and as thoroughly read as you. I continue to admire you and gain from your rich experience, I am not surprised to read testimony of the other colleague on this site, each one of us reflect upon your dedication and hard work put in each one of us and we carry on to lead our careers in aviation following your guidance by achieving continuous success all because of the Great Teacher you have been. It is my good luck to have been your student. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you! Today, I would like tell all those budding pilots if you want to start your career and shape up your future, then start your life with Captain TPS Gill.
Capt. Sushant Laxman
Mr. TPS Gill, is definitely one of the best if not the best instructors in aviation right now. If you have the dedication and some prior knowledge, his classes will not only teach you everything you need to know but also polish off your knowledge and teach you how to apply the same practically in real world situations. The batch sizes are small so you get more than enough time to clarify your doubts, he is also able to take a personal interest in each student progress and the study material provided is just perfect for clearing all competitive exams in aviation. The classes offered may range from CPL, ATPL, airline interview, GD, PI to the CASS and other tests, but no matter which class you actually take, the knowledge imparted to you will remain for the rest of your aviation career. His knowledge of the field and all subjects regarding aviation, stemming from a varied and illustrious career in the India Air Force and civil airlines is truly astounding and amazes me every time I have a conversation with him. I am lucky and immensely proud to have learnt from the best and to have him as a mentor in my journey through aviation. Having not come from an aviation background he has guided me from the moment I first went for my CPL conversion exams to now joining Indigo. Never going wrong once only because I clarified every step of the process with him. Thank you Sir, for helping me get to where I am. It would not have been possible without your help.
Capt. Supreet Nandy
Sir, I clearly remember the first day I met you, back in 2011, for my ATPL preparation. What struck me was the immense amount of dedication and care you showed in ensuring that I truly understood what aviation meant. It was not just studying for the exams, it involved detailed notes, tips, lessons, life examples which helped in me becoming a professional aviator and also in passing my exams in one shot. The highlight for me was how you matched our rosters and how much trouble you took for us when you came to teach us after operating early morning flights and then spent a straight 6 hours on lessons!! Your guidance all through has helped me grow and will help me throughout my life. I am sure through you all the budding aviators will embark on a firm footing into being true professionals.
Capt. Ravi Kakhandki
The gratitude I have for Capt. TPS Gill cannot be expressed in words. ​ After I did my initial CPL training, I was unsuccessful at getting a job as a pilot. I chose to fall back on my degree & I worked for 9 years as an Engineer in the I.T industry. ​ All those years I was weighed down by that thought in the back of my head of not being able to fulfil my real ambition of becoming a pilot. I had become fairly well settled in my job and as the years rolled by, I doubted whether I had what was required to get back into aviation after such a long gap. It was at this crossroad in my life when, by a complete twist of fate, an airline pilot whom I met at a doctor's appointment (Capt. Vikram Sinjhi Rana) introduced me to meet Capt. TPS Gill. ​ After I met him and discussed my situation, I had no second thoughts about enrolling for his classes. Capt. Gill is a true professional, I have never met an instructor who took the future of their students so seriously. ​ The classes focused on all the nuances of every subject & each stage of the airline selection process. I could go on forever about the quality of his technical training but the most important thing Capt. Gill taught me was to never doubt myself and to work as hard as I could to achieve my goal. He gave me back the self-confidence I had lost over the years. ​ With his guidance I was able to get a job as a pilot with 2 airlines (not in my wildest of dreams had I seen it coming!). I am always thankful to him for being such a great mentor & for helping me realize my dream!
Ujjwal Vijayakrishnan
Aviation training is not easy because not only are the subjects vast, they need a thorough understanding in order to be confident of clearing the exams and the numerous subsequent interviews that one will face on the road to securing a job. Each individual is also different, for example I found Nav to be the most challenging subject, while others may find Tech so. A knowledgeable instructor is essential for a strong base in the fundamentals of each subject in order to acquire knowledge, and not just learn by rote. The third aspect is breaking down the vast amount of information into understandable sections, a plan to study each section with a logical progression to cover the entire subject without being overwhelmed. To find the ideal instructor is to find the one who can effectively explain and guide one on what to study, how to study, and in what order to study to be efficient yet comprehensive in one's preparation. This is exactly what Capt. T.P.S. Gill is, the perfect instructor. With his phenomenal depth and breadth of technical, procedural, and commercial operations knowledge, one cannot go wrong. Capt. Gill does not accept many students at once because of his unique, phenomenal, and personal commitment to the success of each of his students. To this end he will leave no stone unturned in his own effort to ensuring his students' success. I know from personal experience that he has completed a flight at 1AM and scheduled classes for me at 7AM the same day in order to ensure that his I do not fall behind or lose focus. And finally the wealth of information Capt. Gill has acquired over the years is available to all his students via his short concise notes, questionnaires, presentations and so much more, that there is no question that will go unanswered. Capt. Gill will have you prepared to handle any challenge just by the amount of confidence you will gain from the comprehensive preparation, both in each subject and in your personality, that you will stand out from the crowd in all exams and interviews. I can say with confidence that I have been able to go from zero aviation knowledge to a job - cleared every DGCA exam, airline exam and interview attempted in the first attempt - within a short span of 2.5 years purely because of Capt. Gill's guidance and coaching in subjects, interviews and in how to channel my efforts. Thank you so much Sir!
Capt. Maneesh Velu
Capt.Gill is the most special teacher who empathises,understands,supports and mentors his students. Thank you for challenging me and awakening my true potential and thank you for encouraging me to seek knowledge and allowing me to learn.At CEFAT, not only do we learn the subject matter but also important life's lessons through some real life stories of Capt.Gill which stir our conscience and help us build our future. Your impact is truly immeasurable and you will be remembered for the rest of my life.I am deeply thankful and blessed to have you as my teacher. I strongly recommend all aspiring pilots to join CEFAT as no other institute in India will help you become a fine, disciplined and a knowledgable
Vinita Shanker

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