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COMPASS - Computerised Pilot Aptitude Screening System

COMPASS test is a series of computer-based tests which have been specifically developed for the aviation industry to assess key areas of suitability for becoming a commercial airline pilot. The important assessments under this test are as follows-

Control: A compensation task looking at basic hand/foot/eye co-ordination.
Slalom: A tracking task looking at hand/eye co-ordination.
Memory: Accuracy of short-term memory recall and the ability to ‘chunk’ information.
Mathematics: A test of basic applied mathematical understanding and speed.
Orientation: Instrument interpretation, comprehension & spatial orientation.
Task Manager: A test of the candidate’s ability to scan the screen and manage two concurrent tasks accurately and quickly.


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Many airlines are using the COMPASS test to screen pilot candidates. As all candidates are screened using the same baseline, the test results of different pilot candidates are compared to select the best performers.
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The typical COMPASS pilot screening test takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours. COMPASS tests pilots on the below listed skills that are needed to qualify as a aviator.

COMPASS: (for Beginner or Ab intio pilot screening)

  • Eye-hand-foot co-ordination (Control)

  • Short term memory (Memory)

  • Mental arithmetic (Mathematics)

  • Spatial Orientation (Orientation)

  • Multi-Tasking (Task Manager)

  • Eye-hand co-ordination (Slalom)


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compass pilot training in bangalore

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